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CLC block making machine is more and more popular in many countries. It can be used to build lightweight foam concrete houses. And this house is fireproof, low cost and comfortable.

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In the near future, people will live in new type homes made by CLC block making machine, which are environmental protection, energy saving, lightweight and safe. They are built with raw materials such as straw, rice husk, old glass bottles, coal ash, slag and other industrial and agricultural wastes. We have specially processed composite industrial and agricultural wastes and recycled materials to produce lightweight and energy-efficient building materials - foam concrete.

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Foamed concrete is usually prepared by mechanically preparing a foaming agent aqueous solution into a foam, and then adding the foam to a slurry composed of a siliceous material, a calcium material, water, various waters, various admixtures, etc., and mixing and stirring, a porous concrete material that is cast and cured.

The production process of foam concrete is simple. The basic raw materials of foam concrete are cement, lime, water and foam. On this basis, some fillers, aggregates and admixtures are added. Commonly used fillers and aggregates are: sand, fly ash, ceramsite, crushed stone, expanded polystyrene, expanded perlite, benzoic fine aggregate, etc. Commonly used admixtures are the same as ordinary concrete, such as, water reduction agent, water repellent, retarder, accelerator, etc.

Foamed concrete adopts the process of on-site casting molding, and successfully develops a new technology of cast-in-place concrete. Foamed concrete is a porous material, so it is also a good soundproofing material, on the floor of buildings and the sound insulation board of highways, underground buildings. The top layer or the like can use the material as a sound insulating layer.

Foamed concrete is an inorganic material that does not burn and has good fire resistance. It can be used on buildings to improve the fire performance of buildings.

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