Lightweight foam concrete mixer foam cement slurry mixer

Lightweight foam concrete mixer is used to make foam concrete block, lightweight foam concrete houses, cellular lightweight concrete wall panels, roof insulation, floor heating,etc.

lightweight foam concrete cement mixer

Foam concrete made by foam cement slurry mixer has many advantages:

1. High heat resistance. Because foam concrete is a cement inorganic material, the heat resistance can reach above 500 °C, there is no thermal decomposition, so the service life is longer, and the insulation failure will not be caused.

2. Green and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless. Foamed concrete does not contain any toxic components, and foaming agents and various additives have no volatile harmful substances, which is beneficial to the indoor environment.

3. The strength is better than that of polystyrene foam. The compressive strength of polystyrene foam is only 0.02-0.03MPa, while the compressive strength of foam concrete of 200-300 kg/m3 is 0.6-0.8MPa, and the pressure resistance is better.

4. The cost of use is lower. The total cost of 200-300kg/m3 foam concrete is only about 18 US dollars, which has obvious economic advantages.

5. The construction speed is fast. The foam concrete is flattened and does not need to be laid one by one, and its construction speed is 1/3 faster than that of polystyrene foam board.

6. No seams, reducing the heat loss caused by the seam.

Our lightweight foam concrete mixer has excellent performance, it includes foam generator, feeding system and foam cement slurry mixer, and already puts the 3 parts in 1, very convenient to operate.

foam concrete pump

Of course, if you want to pump the foam cement slurry to high or long place, you can match our hydraulic piston pump, it can pump 500m horizontal distance and 180m vertical distance. If you are interested in our lightweight foam concrete mixer and foam concrete pump, you can contact us freely. 



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